Minecraft Mug


You know, there are times when we are truly left wondering just how come some fads actually take off in such a big way, and remain for a long time to come. The same goes with games as well, who would have thought that a title like Minecraft would actually be able to make such a splash, that it has become one of the best selling titles on select platforms as well? If you know that you are a huge fan of Minecraft (or know someone else who is), then perhaps you might want to give the £12.99 Minecraft Mug a go.

Don’t be a miserly square, place a pre-order for one of these ceramic puppies, and you know for sure that each time you take a sip from your Minecraft Mug, it serves as a reminder that at the end of the day, work at the office is going to cease, and you can always retire back home to enjoy more building sessions in Minecraft. In fact, it could even help you daydream of your next Minecraft project, now how about that? This is an officially licensed product, so have no fear of being accused of purchasing a bootleg copy by your jealous peers.

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