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Sometimes, there are moments in life that you just forgot to capture, or failed to be ready in anticipation. Having said that, since mankind is always on the lookout to improve him or herself, here is an idea that might actually take off in the long run. I am referring to the Memoto wearable camera – something that is tiny enough and not obstructive at all, and yet is capable of capturing and letting you relive those more meaningful moments of your life. The Memoto is not just any camera that snaps random photos, it is wearable, sports GPS capability as well as comes with an accelerometer integrated within. Let us read on to know in deeper detail on how it works.

For starters, Memoto is a Swedish company that intends everyone to be able to enjoy a true photographic memory, hence they have decided to come up with this intelligent micro-device which is capable of capturing just about every moment of your life in photo keyframes. The shots are said to be spontaneous, and they can be effortlessly searched, shared and revisited at any time thanks to Memoto’s innovative web service and mobile application.

Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto, said, “Imagine if you could capture and re-live every memorable moment of your life. With Memoto, you can effortlessly travel back in time to that moment when you met the love of your life, the day your daughter took her first step, or that night you laughed the night away with friends.”

Sharing roughly the same dimensions as that of a postage stamp, the Memoto camera will be integrated easily into your daily life. The camera itself hooks up to your clothing thanks to a tiny stainless steel metal clip, where it will get around its work, subtly capturing every special moment of your life as it happens. This works before you are able to have an inkling as to how special it is. The magic behind Memoto lies in its advanced software that organizes the photos so that they function as a photographic memory which can be accessed at any time, even after many years, without you feeling overwhelmed or disorganized.

It will capture a photo automatically every 30 seconds in 5 megapixel resolution images, and will also keep a log of GPS positions and timestamps. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to two days, and comes with an LED battery life indicator.Expect it to cost $279 when it hits the market in a myriad of colors early next year.

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