Handpainted Zombie Clock – Time for the Apocalypse


We have the house all ready for Halloween, the candy has been purchased and the pumpkins are lit in the windows. I feel like there just might be room for one more spooky item, I think I have just the thing…

Check out the gloriously (or should that be gory-ously) hand-painted Zombie Clock. Whether it be for the mantle of your abandoned farmhouse or your deserted city home, the Zombie Clock will be able to countdown the minutes to the looming zombie apocalypse in style. This imaginatively sculpted 3D clock featuring a zombie gnawing on a juicy brain, will be perfect for zombie lovers, whether it’s Halloween or not.

The Zombie Clock is handcrafted, no two are alike and it’s quartz movement is accurate to +/- 1 second per day. So what time is it? Time to get your Zombie Clock at amazon.com. Don’t worry, while it looks scary, it won’t eat your brains.

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