More Garlic Please!


I looooooooove garlic. The more the better. With Halloween around the corner it is safe to say that I will repel any vampires around. Yet when cooking garlic prep proves annoying. There’s the good old garlic press, which is ok but does not use the entire clove. Or you have a variety of graters. Again, ok but not great. So I often smash it with the knife and slice it. Heck, Paul Sorvino as Paul Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’ slicing it with a razor blade ends up looking like the smartest cook around!

Welcome to a nice compromise between a press and a razor blade: the Joseph Joseph Rocker. It rocks. The simple design mimics a garlic press, but 1) makes less mess 2) uses more of the clove and 3)  is a cinch to clean. Simply put the device on top of a clove and rock it back and forth. The Rocker sieve bottom cuts through the clove to leave you with a tidy pile of minced yummy stuff. Scoop out the garlic and pop the Rocker in the dishwasher and you are done. For only $14.90 at it will make your garlic prep easy.

Oh – if you want to make garlic prep even easier try an E-Z Rol Garlic Peeler from Zak Designs for just $7.28 on Pop in a clove, large or small, roll the E-Z Rol on the counter top and the peel shucks itself off. Then use your Rocker and you are in business.

Consider yourself more educated on garlic! Now get cooking.

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