SpookyShadowcasters – Phantom Friends for Halloween

Its time to decorate our homes for Halloween, soon we’ll be treat collecting and apple bobbing and enjoying our hand carved pumpkins and several assorted colors of candy corn. Some folks go all out, with cobwebs and tombstones and other-worldly body parts unearthing themselves on front lawns everywhere, but some of us enjoy a more subtle approach to our Halloween decor.
Check out Zombie Shadowcasters, a deceivingly small Halloween item, this simple tea light candle holder with laser cut mahogany plywood silouhuettes of, you guessed it, zombies… these may be all you need to set a haunting mood this holiday season. Using the glow of the tea light (and depending how far you place the boys from the wall) these zombie shadows will move and flicker in almost life size splendor on your walls or curtains, allowing you to experience all the glee of a zombie apocalypse without any of the fear of instantaneous death, or the inconvenience of having your brains eaten. Get yours at geekgems.com for only 15 bucks.
If battery operated entertainment is more your style, you can haunt your surroundings quickly and easily with the Spooky Shadows Light, this frosted rotating dome turns slowly, casting shadows of flying witches, arched back cats, and barren trees all around the room, giving you that elegant cemetery-feel without the need to carve anything, or deface your paneling. Can you imagine the fun of replacing your child’s trusted Disney nightlight with swirling witches and moons. Priceless. Available from spirithalloween.com for under 20 bucks.
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