Bra Detects Breast Changes Better Than a Mammogram?


We have our share of specialty bra’s. A large selection in fact, ranging from cleavage enhancing jeweled spectaculars to water-bra’s and nifty little inflatable numbers, that while a bit deceptive, can make you look quite well endowed in a nice form fitting sweater. But this next item trumps them all, because this bra could save your life.

Imagine if you will, a bra that could actually detect the very first signs of breast cancer. First Warning System presents you with a new breast health screening device that is a non-invasive breast screening system that boasts being much more sensitive and much more cost effective than mammography!

Using a non-invasive dynamic temperature analysis of the breast, coupled with the bioinformatics software, the technology may actually be able to detect tissue changes that can occur years before a tumor forms and this miraculous bra may be useful as an in office cancer screening tool or maybe even as an over the counter testing device.

So this 1000 dollar device doesn’t squeeze your breasts between plexiglass plates, it doesn’t subject you to radiation, it’s non-invasive, and non-toxic and can tell me if my breasts are healthy? Sign me up!  Check out the website for more information.

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