Spooky Shower Curtain

Sometimes walking into the bathroom is scary enough, but this Halloween maybe you want to give the most used room in your house that little extra something, and what kind of a haunt would be more fitting than having a bathroom update that calls to mind one of the most memorable (and frightening) bathroom seems of all time… no, not the one involving your best friend the morning after your bachelor party, I’m talking about the shower scene from the movie Psycho…

Check out the Man with Knife Shower Curtain with Sound. Sure it’s not the most imaginative name for the item, but I guess it will have to suffice. This 70″ by 70″ motion activated shower curtain will most certainly put you in the mood for a blood “bath” as it plays the sounds from the movie Psycho including the Psycho theme, tension building back music and terrorizing screaming. What more could you ask for?
The shower curtain is made of plastic, is both sound and motion activated and it has a battery pouch at the top to keep the 2 AA batteries high and dry. So if you’d like to get your bathroom in on the Halloween fun, visit Amazon to get yours, for around 25 bucks.
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