Hover Ball Shooting Gallery


You know, with the spate of zombie apocalypse movies (or vampires in the case of I Am Legend) going around these days, I am somewhat inclined to wonder whether such a detestable and unwanted situation could arise one of these days. If that is the case, then it would be far better to actually have your little ones learn how to shoot from as young as possible – preferably in the head, of course. You can introduce them to leading the target with the $39.95 Hover Ball Shooting Gallery, where one is able to spend time testing one’s eye and hand coordination by blasting away at the floating targets.

All you need to do from the beginning is to load the multi-tip foam dart gun, draw a bead on the balls that hover in space on invisible pillars of air and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can also opt to put the bull’s eye target in your crosshairs if you want to get involved in a different kind of sharp-shooting challenge. Each of the balls will sport an individual air pillar so that ball height and game difficulty varies.

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