Zero Gravity Balloon WeightPacs – No Strings Attached


I’m always on the lookout for interesting items that can set the mood for a good party, or even commemorate a visit from Santa or the Tooth Fairy. Nothing says “surprise” on Christmas morning better than some nifty visual effect that seems magical, and as simple as the concept may be, these Zero Gravity Balloon Weights might just be part of our Christmas.

Fantastic Floatables announces their patent pending “string-less” balloon weight control system which is made up of a series of adhesive backed tabs that can simply be stuck on almost any 18 – 20 inch foil or latex balloon either before or after inflation, and then adjusted to achieve “zero gravity”. (the point at which the ballon will hover in mid-air without the use of a string)

Each sticky tab will raise or lower your balloon about 1 or 2 feet, so once you know exactly what kind of hovering effect you desire, you can add or remove tabs in order to “place” your decorations. As your hovering ornaments begin to loose their buoyancy, you can also remove tabs to keep them hanging around at approximately the same levels.

Fantastic Floatables WeightPacs contain enough weight to float two eighteen inch round balloons, and WeightPacs can be combined to float all kinds of specialty balloons, but the manufacturer suggests their own Neutral Buoyancy Toys, including Super Saucers, so you can be sure of obtaining the special effect that you’re looking for.

So if you’d like to plan your own alien invasion, check out with WeightPac prices starting at only $1.99 and Saucer kits that include the WeightPac coming it at under 6 bucks, why not create a little holiday magic?


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Mami Says: October 24, 2012 at 12:31 am

I wish I could stick a few on my 2 year old so that she can be a flying fairy 🙂 Wonder how many I would need.

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