Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool


I would suppose that every one of us has an amount of geekery within – the only thing is, just what degree of a geek would that be? The thing about guys is, most of us would want to have our fair share of power tools to play with, and it is always nice to fantasize that we can be a MacGuyver to a damsel in distress out there from one time to another. If you have ever wished to carry a load of tools right in your pocket without having it look to sport an unsightly bulge, then chances are the $19.99 Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool would be just the ticket.

It is able to carry tons of functions on a small tool, and is great for around-the-house or on-the-go folks, sporting dozens of everyday uses. You can use it as a screwdriver with four standard flat and Phillips hex bits, and it also doubles up as an angle driver, not to mention being a push-button LED flashlight when you need to hunt down zombies in your basement, while opening up oxygen bottles when the need arises. Tipping the scales at under two ounces, if there is a portable tool you’ve ever wanted, this is it.

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