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Getting the car started certainly wasn’t anything I ever thought I’d like a gadget to help me with. I mean, you get in the car and turn the key, heck, my car doesn’t even need you to use the key, but now winter is coming, and it’s early in the morning and the car is freezing cold, you know, maybe having that baby warm up for a couple of minutes before I get there wouldn’t be so bad.
Check out the Viper’s SmartStart. SmartStart lets you start the car remotely, lock and unlock your doors and quite a few other handy operations, all via Bluetooth connection, allowing you to execute your commands almost instantly. The newest version of Viper SmartStart is now integrated with the iPhone’s Siri, so with just one word you can control your car.
You can put Siri to work by simply saying “SmartStart.” or, you can define a specific command that’s executed when the app gets launched, so even the older SmartStart versions finger taps are a thing of the past. Now we get to enjoy the convenience of fully voice-controlled access to our vehicles, including panic modes and we get to check the vehicles status (a real plus for those of us that always wonder if we actually locked the doors or not). I’m thinking there might be some real safety benefits to something like this as well.
In order to have the updated app work with Siri integration, users must have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and they also have to upgrade to iOS 6. For older iPhones that don’t support Siri, drivers can do the same thing, they just have to go back to tapping. Of course you need a complete System, they start at around 400 bucks, and there is a monthly service fee, but you need to check out all it can do at

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  1. How awesome would it be to find your car driven off by some teenager who managed to hack into the bluetooth and presto you get your iPhone stolen with it. Life couldn’t get any better 🙂

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