CarBot from Desk Pets help you de-stress at the office desk


When a company that calls itself Desk Pets rolls something new off their production lines, you know for sure that you are in for a rollicking good time. After all, for those of us who keep pets, we do so because they are one way for us to de-stress. Sure, our pets will need grooming and looking after, to be fed and have a steady stream of clean water at all times, not to mention comfortable bedding and their annual vaccine shots, but they too, bring joy to our lives. So when Desk Pets announced their CarBot, you know for sure that you are in for a treat. At least right there and then on your office desk, as the $29.99 CarBot is touted to be the world’s first micro-robotic toy car.

CarBot would be a decent representation of the next generation of remote controlled toys, considering how it will rely on a mobile app on your compatible smartphone, as long as the smartphone you’re using runs on iOS or Android operating systems. Yes sir, this is a smart move on Desk Pets’ side as they can save more on manufacturing costs of the physical controller, where all it takes is someone to cobble together the controller program on both smartphone platforms.

Some of the more special CarBot features will include a battle mode that enables multiple players to battle via infrared sensors, a maze mode that lets players set up mazes for CarBot to navigate with military precision, a personality mode with sounds and lights; throwing in a mute button for noiseless play for when baby needs to sleep. Not only that, there is the more raw Drift ‘n’ Race mode which enables the CarBot to go crazy racing at full speed – all of two feet per second. A retractable USB charger has been implemented into body of the CarBot, where 40 minutes of charging would result in 15 minutes of play. Not to shabby, don’t you think so?

Each CarBot comes in either red, blue, orange, or green colors, and they will operate on their own frequency so that you can always gather a group of friends together for some multi-player racing and battling.

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