Pac-Man IR Racers


Now ain’t this a classic – seeing Pac-Man chase down all four ghosts while they literally turn pale and blue (alternately, of course) and scurry away from this monster of a pie chart. Well, just in case you have spent far more quarters at a dinghy arcade when you were a kid, trying to figure out a way to achieve the top score in the local Pac-Man arcade cabinet, here is one way to turn the tables on those pesky ghosts with the £27.99 Pac-Man IR Racers. Do bear in mind that this is an officially licensed Pac-Man IR remote controlled racer set, so you will not find it fall short of the standards as expected by an officially licensed product.

You can also opt to chase down imaginary cherries and other kinds of assorted fruits, while enjoying all the authentic sound effects that the original game offers. It takes but a simple flick of the joystick controller to change directions in the Pac-Man IR Racer set. Ideal for vintage video gamers, others who are out for a spot of retro recreation can also settle for one of these. Each racer will need a trio of AAA batteries, while the controller itself runs on a quartet of AAA batteries. Best to make sure you have rechargeables handy!

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