FAVI Mini Bluetooth keyboard comes with own trackpad


FAVI Entertainment might not be that established as Bang & Olufsen when it comes to audiovisual products despite being in the same industry, but perhaps that is due to their low profile as well as devices that do not reside on the high end side of things. Their most recent device introduced would be the pocket friendly Bluetooth keyboard that is simply known as the FAVI Mini Bluetooth. The Mini Bluetooth keyboard will not only allow you to get all of your typing done on the go, especially when you are working from the cloud on your smartphone device where a touchscreen display is not all that conducive to whip out a long document while you’re on-the-go.

For starters, the Mini Bluetooth keyboard will come with a built-in trackpad that is ideal for pairing with your favorite device. This can be said to be one of the more versatile accessories you will own for your Android-powered device, as it comes with dedicated Android buttons to pave the way for easy access, while enabling one to enjoy music and video navigation through the use of special hotkeys. Not only that, if you are one who does a whole lot of presentations, you will not go wrong with the Mini Bluetooth, since it has its own built-in laser pointer.

Lightweight and portable, the FAVI Mini Bluetooth is said to deliver an ideal balance of speed, accuracy and comfort. Sporting an intuitive key layout, it paves the way for fast and accurate typing without causing more strain on your hands or fingers. The keyboard itself will come with backlit keys, letting you work in the dark as well as dimly lit areas. Since it should, in theory, play nice with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can also use it on a non-Bluetooth enabled device thanks to the inclusion of a Bluetooth USB receiver.

It has a wireless range of 50 feet and will retail for $49.99 a pop if you’re interested. Any takers?

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