A Wet Gadget Savior


Admit it. You or someone you know has done it. Personally I have done it twice. Once in a football stadium, once in the rain.  It is a careless move, usually brought on while rushing around. Yep, you know what I mean. You have subjected your phone to water! And if not a phone then perhaps an MP3 player, iPod or headphones. Being a veteran I can say some are recoverable. My phone in the rain was cured through a night in some uncooked rice. But some – like phone dropped in the toilet while at a game – have no hope simply because the supplies don’t exist when the mishap occurs.

We all need RescueTec hanging around. RescueTec consists of a multi-layer aluminum foil pouch on the outside. Internally a recovery sachet contains a compound that attracts the water to it – essentially like a magenet. It pulls both water and vapor out of your drowned device. Conveniently, RescueTec tells you how much humidity is still present in the bag so you can judge when to remove your phone or gadget – though the makers recommend a minimum of 48 hours in the bag.  So does it work? According to their website yes. They tested on many major gadgets with big success and stories to illustrate. This ingenious device claims to be up to 700% more effective than the dry rice trick, and over 300% more effective than Silica Gel. If that does not convince you then take a look at their money back guarantee. RescueTec runs £16.99 (about $27.50) plus shipping to anywhere in the world.  A pretty minor investment for a smartphone or other device that rules parts of our lives. RescueTec makes sense to have in our car, suitcase, home or wherever an emergency may occur. Why risk not being prepared to save your mobile buddy?

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