Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe


You can say that the most accomplished astromech droid ever in terms of its lifespan would be R2D2, having made an appearance in just about all of the Star Wars shows, and he has also been the subject of many a Star Wars toy and merchandize. With the £29.99 Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe from Firebox, you can now utter a modification of the classic line, “Store my stuff Artoo, you’re my only hope!”

The Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe works great as it is able to integrate itself seamlessly with your smartphone, be it of the Android or iOS persuasion. Whenever you enter the right code, the Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe will open up. Of course, folks who are more than desperate would use a hammer, but that is another situation altogether. The Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe relies on sensor based technology, meaning there is no need for a connection or a jack. This officially licensed product is powered by a trio of AAA batteries, so make sure you always have spares around the house!

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