Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer


There is nothing quite like having a nice, piping hot cup of coffee or tea at your desk whenever you are working. The thing is, most of us work in air conditioned offices these days, and our hot beverage cools down – really fast, unless one uses a thermos flask or something of the equivalent. Well, if you happen to have an extra USB port on your notebook or computer that has collected dust bunnies and cobwebs due to its inactiveness, here is the £8.99 Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer which you might want to consider getting as a desktop companion.

The name of the Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer says it all, you will be able to enjoy a reasonably hot cuppa at all times, where it will draw power from that once idle USB port to make sure you need not endure the taste of cold coffee, ever again. Do be advised that the surface could end up to be very hot, and make sure you do not use it with plastic or foam cups.

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