Microsoft Surface tablet details revealed

When it comes to the tablet market, right now it goes without saying that Apple’s iPad (and perhaps, the iPad mini that will be announced later this coming October 23rd) is the undisputed king of the hill, although there are pretenders to the throne from the Android camp which are best represented by Samsung. What happens when there is a third player in the tablet operating system, and that player goes by the name of Microsoft? We all know that Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is about to be released very, very soon, and along with it, their highly anticipated Microsoft Surface tablet that was specially designed to be the ultimate stage for Windows. More details on the Surface tablet has been revealed today, including pricing. Is it worth your hard earned money?
Basically, the Microsoft Surface which was unveiled all the way back in June this year, will come in two flavors – one with 32GB internal memory, while the other will have 64GB of internal storage space. The Surface with Windows RT will arrive to the masses in three different configurations, where a 32GB model costs $499 to directly challenge the iPad, a 32GB version that comes bundled with a black Touch Cover which will cost you an additional Benjamin on top of that, and a 64GB version that comes bundled with a black Touch Cover, where it will set you back by $699.
Not only that, Microsoft wants to make sure that the Surface gets off on the right footing, and to do so, they will introduce a range of accessories along with the Surface tablet, including Touch Covers in five more vibrant colors – black, white, magenta, cyan and red, which are priced at $119.99 a pop. Hey, if you know you are so going to get the Touch Cover in the first place, just pick up the bundle (if you don’t mind black, that is) and save $20 in the process. Out later this October 26th in North America, the Microsoft Surface tablet will also arrive in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom via online sales channels.
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