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What prevents most people from getting an e-reader? Seriously, if you read, there are few reasons not to get one – aside from the price perhaps. With most competitive devices going for over $100 a person may rethink before going electronic. Yet a German company took a different approach and looks to shake up the e-reader industry in doing so.

txtr previously launched an online book download service in many countries like the UK and Germany. Via a smartphone app users buy and read a competitive selection at competitive prices. txtr is now embarking on the hardware business, keeping it simple and giving the veterans competition. The txtr beagle will launch at an estimated $13. Yes, you read that correctly. Why so inexpensive? That’s what happens when you go back to basics. Based on information on their beta website, txtr appears to have removed intricate electronics and functions and focus on – to use their slogan – read only. Really their approach seems fairly logical. The device holds just 5 books at a time. Books are acquired via Bluetooth on smartphones or via their existing Android app. It claims to be the smallest (about 6 cu in) and lightest (about 4.5 oz) 5” or 6” e-reader. Design is meant for easy resting in the hand and easy stashing in the bag.  No chargers required for this gadget either as two AAA batteries reportedly give “a year of reading” or 12-15 books depending on your appetite. A smart move in my mind. The beagle will come in 5 colors too. No launch date exists now, but if you want to learn more sign up on their site for information as soon as the download service and the beagle launch in the US. Watch out e-reading industry, this dog looks to make waves.

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IT Rush Says: December 7, 2012 at 10:37 pm

I love my ereader actually but this one is worth trying.

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