Always Accurate Adventurometer

There is just something about telling the time, and some of us have moved on from collecting comics as a hobby to amassing a growing collection of watches instead. Well, instead of gunning for the usual high end models from Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek and the likes, how about settling for something more unique like the $449.95 Always Accurate Adventurometer? This men’s watch will be able to ensure you know what the exact time is at all times, where it receives updates from the world’s radio clock transmitters while ensuring you know just what kind of weather conditions are coming your way whenever you venture outdoors.
With the Always Accurate Adventurometer, you will be able to rely on a constant flow of reliable data while you hike, ski, cycle, or sail, thanks to its digital display that works well with an analog dial. Other hardware wizardry in this timepiece includes a separate compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and thermometer functions, and the digital display will show off chronograph (1/100th second accuracy), world time, 24-hour time, and an 87-year calendar among others. It receives radio signals half a dozen times per day from atomic clocks located in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, and China, and is smart enough to adjust itself for daylight saving and when traveling between time zones. You need not fret about battery life either, as a rechargeable battery inside can stash away energy collected by a solar cell in the watch’s face, where a full charge lets it work for up to five months.