Abs in a Box Cosmetic Kit – an Exercise Free Six Pack


Everyone has heard of the no pain-no gain exercise theory. I myself, like to subscribe to the no pain-no pain theory, and hence, try to avoid being sweaty or out of breath at all costs. That being said, I still envy the perfectly toned beach bodies strutting their stuff out on the sand. However, I just cant seem to put down my bucket of cola and donuts long enough to get there…

And now I don’t need to! Check out Abs in a Box Cosmetic Kit, designed for folks like me, (or maybe for those who just want to “enhance” their Facebook or Match.com profiles) Abs in a Box promises to give users the appearance of looking flat out ripped and helps you define the areas that you would like to emphasize. This two part system provides cosmetic enhancements that allow you to look instantly thinner and more fit, and using contouring and highlighting instructions, you can easily achieve the appearance of defined abs, no crunches required.

Abs in a Box comes with a unique firming cream and a specialized color palette of contouring and highlighting shades that can work with many different skin types and tones, and it includes a semi-permanent “ab stain” that can actually last for days. The kit is waterproof and sweat proof, so you don’t have to fear a little dancing or swimming will turn you back into the couch potato you might be. So go ahead, lose 15 pounds, or pump up those abs for tomorrow. Available at Amazon.com for just under 70 bucks.

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