Sprint targets the aged with their Samsung M400 phone


These days, the speed at which technology moves is so fast, that it can hit some rather dizzying heights – especially if you are from an older generation who find it difficult to make the transition from an old school Olivetti typewriter to a spanking new keyboard with WordStar staring right back at you. Yes sir, you do remember that DOS-based word processor, do you? If that is the case, then this story is most probably the perfect one for you assuming that you are on the lookout for a new phone to replace your aged Nokia 3310 which has served you extremely well over the past decade. Sprint has teamed up with Samsung to deliver the Samsung M400 which will sport accessibility features that were specially designed to meet the needs of senior citizens as well as those with disabilities. Not only that, Sprint claims that it is a great wireless phone for those who have a more practical mind, and want to use their phone for little else other than burn up the lines by chatting, snap some casual photos here and there, and send/receive text messages.

Since you probably would not be too young to want to tote the Samsung M400 (imagine being a college going kid with everyone else sporting a smartphone, while you deal with something that has features from a different age), it makes perfect sense for Sprint to make the Samsung M400 as affordable as possible. We are talking about the Samsung M400 being made available for free with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement, but do bear in mind that this occurs only after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Some of the features which can be found in the Samsung M400 to make it extremely easy to use include a large 2.4-inch internal display with adjustable font sizes (yay!) that make it a snap to read text on the screen, in addition to an 1.07-inch external display so that you can check out incoming calls or pending notifications at a glance without having to open up its clamshell form factor.

There is also an oversized keypad to make sure typing is swift and painless, while a 5-way navigation key makes navigating the phone’s menu a snap. Not only that, Samsung threw in a dedicated 911 key and an In Case of Emergency (ICE) button which holds up to three contacts, allowing you to dial first responders or emergency contacts quickly. A 1.3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity rounds off the list of specifications for now. A phone for grandpa this Christmas, perhaps?

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