Yes, They Are For the Kitchen


I wonder who comes up with kitchen gadgets. Just when you think a cooking device cannot get better it seems someone comes along with another take. I am sure it is probably the same people that made bagged lettuce and bottled water a success. Anyway, Prezzybox has a take on a couple common kitchen items that will make you smile – and think of the cooks in your life as the holidays approach.

Carrot peeling in the old fashioned way is no fun at all. Welcome to Karoto, the pencil sharpener style peeler. Simply insert your carrot, cucumber, zucchini or what not and spin away. Just as with a pencil sharpener the Karoto peels ribbon style. Before you know it your veggies will be ‘sharp’ and peeled. And the unit is almost 20cm long so it can handle most of those ground vegetables. For the true gormet Karoto helps make decorative flakes to spruce up presentation. Karoto can be yours (or yours to gift) from Prezzybox for just £9.95 with shipping available in the UK.

Another fun take on a kitchen must have is the Russian Doll Measuring Cup set, also £9.95. You know the Matryoshkas dolls right? Take one apart and find another one inside, continue ad nauseam. The dolls provide a perfect solution to save space and make you smile. Three dolls guide you on 6 measurements up to 1 cup so you can easily find the amount you need.

So whether searching for yourself or your UK gift recipients check out these unique takes on common kitchen gear at Prezzybox.

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Sam Says: October 17, 2012 at 12:57 am

Awesome, now you can go with the saying “What kinda carrots do you want for breakfast, peeled or pointed?” 🙂

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