Western Digital My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender, for times when you really need Wi-Fi

I am not quite sure about you, but have you ever ventured to a building where it is a virtual black hole where connectivity is concerned? I am referring to the lack of an Internet connection, even though there does not seem to be anything wrong with the initial layout of the place as your eyes tell you at first glance. Perhaps the wireless router that the organization uses lacks the kind of wireless “punch” to send the signal across, or it is just something as unexplainable as the Bermuda Triangle, but seeing that the former is the far likelier affair, how about bringing in the calvary in the form of the Western Digital My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender?
As its name suggests, the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender from Western Digital
will cater for those who want to expand their wireless connectivity, be it at home or at the office. Perhaps you own this really vast tract of land and would want to introduce the wonders of Wi-Fi to the entire area, only to realize that the wireless signals fall within the four walls of your home, leaving you to go without Internet connectivity on your Wi-Fi only iPad when you are seated under the apple tree right out there in the garden. The My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender should be able to get the job done on your behalf, where it is tipped to deliver faster, stronger and more reliable wireless network coverage to Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Just what is the trade secret of the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender that allows it to perform seeming miracles? For starters, it will rely on a 3×3 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antenna array design, which is definitely different from the 2×2 design that is found in majority of the other devices in the same market segment. This particular engineering design will allow customers to significantly extend the Wi-Fi signal from their existing routers or gateways, translating to the ability to enjoy HD streaming movies, online gaming and video calls in remote areas of the home without compromising on speedy wireless-N speeds where possible. Not only that, the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender will also boast of a Gigabit Ethernet port so that your wired-only entertainment devices will also be able to get a piece of the action.
Expect to fork out $89.99 for the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender, which does sound cheaper than remodeling your home and getting rid of some concrete beams and walls to let the Wi-Fi signal waft through.
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  1. No useful info about the device… how does it connect to the base router? does it show up as a 2nd location or is it just an extension of the primary router? This is an AD, not an info piece.

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