Capture SLR Camera Clip System


I was reading across the product description of the $79.99 Capture SLR Camera Clip System when I came across this term “photogeek”. It seems that a photogeek is one who (obviously) has his or her life intertwined with a DSLR, where one will need to opt between a heavy and bulky camera hanging by your neck so that you will be able to access it easily to capture impromptu shots when the situation calls for it, or to stash your sensitive and expensive equipment away somewhere so that it remains safe and sound from the dangers of knocks, drops and scratches. The Capture SLR Camera Clip System might just help photogeeks achieve a healthy balance, where it functions as a compact ultralight clip system for your camera.

Touted to be a snap to install and use, it does not matter if you are a soccer mom, an avid hiker or a conventional photographer, the Capture SLR Camera Clip System is able to cater to all of those mentioned lifestyles and then some. Securely fastening itself onto any strap or belt, it will be able to hold your expensive DSLR rigidly until the situation calls for it to spring into action, where a single press of a button will see the quick-release plate slide free, letting you snap away. Placing it back where it belongs is equally easy, where a single click will let you know it is safely tucked there. Made out of compact ultralight aluminum, you might want to retain that gym membership of yours since this will not help you build any more muscles on the go.

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