Backpack Vacuum makes at least one house chore easier on the back


While a vacuum cleaner is meant to make our lives easier, as it sucks up all of those nasty settlements of dust bunnies around the home, sometimes, all the bending down and squatting while getting up in a repetitive manner to target those hard to reach places can do a number to your back. Which is why instead of bending down or leaning forward, picking up the vacuum cleaner itself from one room to another, the $199.95 Backpack Vacuum, as it is called, will remain nicely on your back to make you into a dust bustin’ Ninja Turtle lookalike.

You basically wear the Backpack Vacuum like a regular backpack, where it is lightweight in nature (tipping the scales at around 7.5 pounds) so that your back will not be strained, where it will remain flushed against your body so that it delivers optimal mobility as you slip into tight corners and access all the different areas and spaces which require cleaning. The inclusion of soft padding ensures that extra cushioning is delivered to the back, while adjustable shoulder straps pave the way for a comfortable fit. Colonies of dust bunnies will be no match for its powerful 800-watt motor, where a HEPA filter removes allergens to boot. Each purchase comes with a handy half dozen cleaning tools, two extension wands, mesh storage bag for accessories, and disposable paper and reusable fabric bags.

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