AAXA P300 pico projector comes with superior specifications


When we talk about pico projectors, this particular niche market seems to be having trouble of breaking into mainstream consciousness. The thing is, how many of us actually need to make presentations to a small group of people in a room at a whim? If that is the case, carrying a pico projector makes sense, but a tablet would also be able to serve its purpose – albeit less effectively than having information on your presentation projected onto the wall or a viewable surface. The thing is, pico projectors lack the brightness level and battery life to last the distance, and the AAXA P300 pico projector intends to address at least one of the issues mentioned.

For starters, the AAXA P300 pico projector will feature a 300 lumens brightness which places it at the higher echelon for its device segment, not to mention carrying the ability to throw out images and videos at a far higher resolution count that most of the other pico projectors. I am referring to a 720p resolution, although its 75 minute battery life does leave plenty to be desired despite being in line of expectations for a pico projector. Still, it can be said to be an achievement considering how the brightness level has increased.

At point of publishing, the AAXA P300 from AAXA Technologies is deemed to be the “world’s brightest battery-powered pico projector” – anyone out there willing to dispute this statement? Share your thoughts in the comments below. What about the hardware specifications crammed into the AAXA P300? Well, it will come with a revolutionary new pico optical engine that does 300 peak lumens at a high definition (HD) resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, running on Texas Instruments’ DLP Technology.

Not only that, the Vibrant Color LED technology which is used to deliver dazzling color quality also touts an operating life of over 15,000 hours, where is said to be able to generate a viewing experience of up to 120”. A robust ARM processor runs underneath the hood, allowing it to handle high resolution 720p video, picture, and picture slide-show playback. We would advise you to hook this up to a power supply if you intend to watch movies with it, in addition to connecting a decent sound system since the dual 1-watt speakers would not be able to fill up a room with tub-thumping audio. So, any takers?

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Dave Sherrill Says: October 17, 2012 at 9:42 am

This new aaxa model is one of the coolest! I could never imagine a pico projector producing over 200 lumens, and this P300 projector does it. I ordered mine yesterday and I can’t wait to try it for my home entertainment system!

Wayne B Says: October 19, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Actually this projector provides 300 lumens not 200. But you are correct that even 200 lumens is very impressive for a pico projector this size. This looks perfect for the on the go traveler. After following picos for 2 years I think I am going to take the plunge.

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