Star Trek Catan lets you settle where no one has settled before

What happens when you take a board game that is loved and played by millions worldwide, only to tweak its surface while the base mechanics remain the same? Why, you get fans of the particular tweak jumping aboard, while those who are absolutely and passionately in love with such a board game will also purchase the “special edition” just for a taste of something familiar and yet different. The £44.99 Star Trek Catan board game is such, where it allows you, in Trekkie parlance, to “boldly settle, where no settler has settled before”.
Settlers of Catan has been considered by many to be one of the great strategy board games, so the Star Trek Catan edition brings along a familiar feel to it, albeit dressed in the world of Star Trek. The timeless gameplay mechanics, rules and multi-player action of the original game are retained, where at its face lie the characters and favourites of the first Star Trek series. Pick up your victory points in some serious science fiction style, where you settle for entire planets in order to gain vital resources such as Tritanium or Oxygen, using those to build Starbases across the galaxy.