Dell XPS 12 and XPS One 27 All-in-One revealed


Dell, still earning their bread and butter as a computer manufacturer after all these years, intend to take full advantage of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system release by Microsoft by announcing new devices of their own. As we all know, the tablet market is one that is hotly contested, and will definitely see more and more competition amongst hardware manufacturers in time to come, although it does seem as though Android and iOS dominate the scene at the moment. With the advent of Windows 8 and Windows RT, will things see a third player crop up from behind? Perhaps, especially when you consider the unique design of the Dell XPS 12 hybrid device which you can see above.

In reality, the Dell XPS 12 might be just one in terms of its physical form factor, but it is actually two devices in one. Comprising of a fully-featured, full-powered laptop which can easily be transformed into a fully-featured touch-powered tablet, this is made possible thanks to its special and unique design. Boasting a flip hinge touchscreen display that is not only elegant but innovative, the transition between laptop and tablet mode is performed with but a simple flip. Whenever it is in tablet mode, the display will completely cover the keyboard, ensuring that the keyboard remains protected from dirt and spills. Not only that, it comes with a vibrant Full HD display which is said to offer up to 90% percent more pixels compared to a conventional HD display for an exceptionally crisp reading and viewing experience.

As for the award-winning XPS One 27 All-in-One, this particular model was specially designed for creative enthusiasts, sporting a super high resolution display as well as performance graphics for multimedia creation and entertainment. It comes in a gorgeous and space-saving design, boasting a 27-inch Wide Quad HD Display, which delivers 78% more pixels compared to a Full HD display, while bringing along with it an articulating stand that tilts the display to a 60-degree angle, providing additional options when using the touchscreen interface.

The Dell XPS 12 convertible and Dell XPS One 27 will retail for $1,199.99 and $1,599.99, respectively.

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saskin08 Says: October 14, 2012 at 9:26 pm

The new line up is so boring but that is what dell is capable of. No surprises here. All their executives are busy counting how many toilet breaks their staff take. They have no time for mundane tasks like creating a great product. All those seen not toeing this line are summarily dismissed. This company is a joke!!

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