Sony Vaio Tap 20 PC announced


I clearly remember that back in the days when fat, chunky CRT TVs were the staple in any decent living room, the TV was divided into two categories – one that had a curved display, while the other was a pure flat display. Panasonic had the Tao, while Sony called theirs the Trinitron (where the name did date back further, of course). Well, one thing is for sure – Sony does come up with aesthetically pleasing devices from time to time, and they used to be well known for the build quality in their products. The thing is, no company remains at the top of their game without doing anything, and somewhere along the way, it did seem as though Sony must have gone off tangent, as their reliability ratings suffered, and more and more people moved on towards South Korean goods. Well, Sony’s foray into the computing world is a hit or miss affair with select models, but at least the Vaio name remained, and their latest PC expression comes in the form of the Sony Vaio Tap 20 PC.

The Sony Vaio Tap 20 PC is said to come with a bright, responsive 10-point multi-touch screen that boasts of engaging interactive applications, family computing options and being able to deliver new experiences in terms of mobile productivity. Steven Nickel , VP, Sony VAIO, said, “VAIO Tap 20 is creating a new category of PCs by combining desktop PC functionality, battery-powered mobility, and multi-angle viewing.This along with the innovative VAIO Duo 11 and the intuitive touch solutions incorporated across our existing PC portfolio, offers consumers flexibility to optimize their Windows 8 experience. Through the combination of compelling applications, Sony’s network services, and cross device connectivity, VAIO is leading the way in developing a new Touchworld experience. We expect when consumers think of touch PCs, they’ll think of VAIO.”

The VAIO Tap 20 might be classified as is a family tabletop PC, but it will be a whole lot easier to use than before, where it has been specially designed to take advantage of the intuitive ease of Windows 8. Boasting a 20” screen, you can lay this mobile desktop PC flat on a coffee table for the entire family to play games (make sure no one has greasy fingers!), while the presence of a removable battery ensures you are able to move the VAIO Tap 20 from room to room without worrying about plugging and unplugging the power cable.

Your ears will also be more than pleased, where the VAIO Tap 20 will incorporate stereo speakers that rely on Sony’s audio fidelity expertise, including Dolby Home Theatre v4 Audio Technology for one to experience full-impact surround sound.The VAIO Tap 20 is said to arrive at the end of this month in either black or white shades, where it will retail for $879.99 and above.

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