Mega Stomp Panic Audio Reality Costume


You know you are on to a winner here with the $39.99 Mega Stomp Panic Audio Reality Costume, especially when everyone else dresses up as a traditional witch, mummy, or even vampire for this coming Halloween. You can choose to be a robot, a zombie, or even an 8-bit hero – it does not really matter, as the Mega Stomp Panic Audio Reality Costume comes with clip-on motion-powered sound effects, where you are able to draw from its reservoir of 9 sound banks in all. One thing is for sure – the traditional costume which functions as a disguise based upon visual appearance will be no more, as you can now create a costume with but sound.

All sounds from the Mega Stomp are synchronized to your steps and stomps, which is ideal for giving out the illusion that you yourself are the maestro in orchestrating them, as though you were generating them yourself. It is more than enough to geek out even the most hardcore Halloween celebrating geek, and also to scare more neighborhood kids than most compared to your peers with their (now plain in comparison to yours) costumes.

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