Zen Wheels Precision Control Bluetooth Micro RC Car


Do you love playing around with remote control toys? Back in the days when there was no such thing as a mobile phone, remote control toys were the bomb. They might not have the kind of clout over kids these days, but they are still interesting to tinker around with once in a while. Thinkgeek has come up with the $89.99 Zen Wheels Precision Control Bluetooth Micro RC Car which is said to deliver “unbelievable proportional precision controls” right in the palm of your hand, and this particular ride might be small, but that does not mean “safety” is compromised, as it comes with fully functional indicator lights and a horn to boot. Toot your way around the home, indicating just where you would want to go with it!

The Zen Micro RC will be controlled via Bluetooth, so make sure you do not go beyond the theoretical 10 meter radius that a Bluetooth “bubble” normally takes up, and with the app ony our iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you will be able to zip around the home with the Zen Micro as your “dog-on-wheels”, so to speak. Each purchase comes with 10 mini traffic cones and roll-over timing gate for that added challenge when you play with it around the house.

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