Natural iPhone Amplification


Remember the Flintstone’s phone? I always wanted one as a kid. And the moment when my mom explained that I would not be able to talk to people through a cow (or in Fred’s case a dinosaur) horn I was crushed! But seriously the horns provide the perfect acoustic shape. Hammacher Schlemmer thinks so too.

Made in Italy, the Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier, $499.95, provides a contemporary look with quality sound to project your iPhone or iPod audio. The great thing is the unit uses passive amplification – meaning no power is required. Through the natural horn design and the quality of the slip-cast ceramic your iPhone or iPod tunes or calls will be naturally amplified.  Just insert your iPhone (4, 4S, 3G, 3GS) or iPod touch (1-4th Gen) into the cradle and the sounds will resonate out of the horn. The stylish look means it can fit in the most formal or casual environment. And it is a perfect solution for the back yard or anywhere that a power source may not be prevalent. So if you seek premium acoustics for your  iPhone, but want something different or power free I invite you to visit Hammacher Schlemmer for more details on this unique gadget.

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