Algiz 10X is one tough tablet PC


You know what happens when you lead a rough-and-tumble lifestyle, most of the time, your devices too, would go through some sort of “torture”, especially when you love nothing better than roughing it out. Others, however, might not be that adventurous as you, but the nature of their job requires them to toughen it out, which is where carrying sensitive consumer electronics is a big no no. What happens when there is a need for a device like a tablet, and yet you tend to be in extremely harsh environments? This is where the Algiz 10X comes in handy, thanks to the Handheld Group who came up with this particular tablet.

The Algiz 10X rugged tablet PC is a powerful device which is able to shrug off tough weather elements and harsh handling, while you can be sure that your eyes won’t end up with a permanent squint while you work on it courtesy of its large, 10.1-inch touchscreen display which is said to deliver the best screen visibility on the market at press time.

Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld, said, “The new Algiz 10X is perfectly suited for field professionals who need a rugged tablet computer that is lightweight and built to withstand the harsh conditions that come with all kinds of industry fieldwork, and that can display detailed maps and other visuals even in bright sunlight.”

Just how tough is it? To get a better idea, let us use industry benchmarks as an example. The Algiz 10X is IP65-rated and will definitely meet stringent MIL-STD-810G military standards for protection against dust, water, vibrations, drops, extreme temperatures and varying altitudes. Despite sounding as though it graduated from some sort of military academy, it is no heavyweight, tipping the scales at a mere 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs), while measuring just 32 mm (1.2″) thick – not too shabby where rugged tablet PCs are concerned.

Other hardware specifications include a u-blox GPS receiver and WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS capability, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n and it is WWAN Gobi 3000-ready. Not only that, there is an integrated 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, a host of connectivity opportunities, waterproof USB 2.0, VGA and RS232 ports. The Intel Atom N2800 dual-core processor runs the show from underneath the hood alongside 4GB RAM, while the SSD disk can be further expanded thanks to a microSD memory card slot. It might run on Windows 7 Ultimate at the moment, but packs the hardware for some Windows 8 action when the latter arrives. Expect to pick up the Algiz 10X from January next year onwards if you are interested.

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