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Raise your hand if you and your spouse/significant other truly enjoy the same temperature while in bed? That’s what I thought. Not many hands. You may be soul mates, you may be able to complete each other’s sentences but when it comes to sleep temperatures…nope! My guess is more couples differ in their snoozing temperature preferences than not. And even single folks have a challenge in keeping a comfortable temperature at night.

Brookstone has the perfect device to mend this difference in any relationship or help the single sleeper maintain temperature. The Bed Fan with Wireless Remote, $99.99, circulates air between the sheets. It is perfect for those warm bodied sleepers or those with night sweats. Situate Bed Fan at the side or end of the bed. The adjustable neck enables use for mattresses of various sizes.  Then lie back and use the remote to control the airflow. Bed Fan sends air over the area, which may or may not include your bed buddy. Heck, you could even turn off the AC and save some money. Need to adjust the air in the middle of the night? The remote becomes backlit upon touch so you can find it on the nightstand. The days of kicking off the sheets (and pulling them back on and kicking them off again) will vanish. With Bed Fan spouses, or solo sleepers, can rest in their own temperature.

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