Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Gamers are extremely particular about the kind of hardware that they use. You could say that there is even a sense of loyalty attached to it, although when it comes to sponsored pro-gamers, I do wonder whether they secretly feel that the company paying their monthly checks are the ones that they truly support deep down inside. Well, Logitech has long been known to come up with a fair range of gaming peripherals, and one of the their latest “wonders” would be the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that sports high-speed, low noise mechanical keys as well as an adjustable dual-zone backlighting in order to deliver lightning fast and whisper quiet gaming – letting you frag your opponents while the missus is soundly sleeping beside you. Best to make sure you have a silent mouse at your disposal, too.

Specially designed to help you focus on the game itself instead of being bogged down by making sure the keyboard responds to your commands and fingers, the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has been tested with professional gamers, partners, publishers, and everyday gamers, with the final result being what you get for this $149.99 keyboard.

Thanks to the keyboard’s mechanical keys, they are able to deliver gaming-grade responsiveness, while boasting of an actuation force of 45 grams as well as a distance of 4mm. Not only that, they are specially optimized for rapid command entry. In addition, the non-clicking key switches come with a built-in dampening ring underneath each keycap in order to have a significant reduction in the distracting noise that comes out from your key presses without having to sacrifice on responsiveness. It is said to boast of a cycle life of at least a 50 million keystrokes, now how about that?

The whole keyboard comes backlit in white LED light, and can be adjusted to one of four brightness levels, where it can then be turned completely off if you feel that you do not want to be that “flashy”. In order to achieve better visibility of the WASD and arrow keys, their brightness levels can be adjusted independently of the rest of the keyboard, making it a truly tour de force of gaming.

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