Lexibooks – Toddlers to Tweens, Just in Time for the Holidays


Does anyone remember spending hours playing in a huge cardboard box? or enjoying the afternoon flying a kite or playing house? The world simply isnt like that anymore, my daughter sums up the entertainment value of her “toys” not by what she can do with them, but by what they can do for her. I know its a sign of the times… I’m still getting used to it.

Let me introduce you to another player in the kiddie tablet market, Lexibook. Developed especially for kids, the Lexibook tablets are solidly built out of injection molded plastic and made to last in the hands of even the most enthusiastic user. These kid friendly multimedia powerhouses allow tons of  interactive activities, encouraging our kids to play and learn using their very own tablet. The interface is super intuitive and easily navigated by all ages, including a scrolling menu that makes it easy for kids to access a multitude of appropriate apps, games, music, videos, cartoons and books.

Important to you: The Lexibook tablet School Zone apps contain rather extensive educational content and the Lexibook Power Academy app has a wealth of  interactive quizzes and tests on a wide variety of subjects, including English, Math, History, and Geography. Important to them: Over 5o do-it-yourself activities that include food recipes, scientific experiments, fashion design, games, and special apps for drawing and coloring. Lexibook tablets also offer a a gaming platform with access to thousands of downloadable games and 25 pre-installed games. The tablet has a built-in accelerometer and gravity sensor feature so let the games begin!

Who can resist Lexibooks, with their touch screens, Micro SD card slots allowing for up to 32 gigabytes of additional memory all with a a gravity sensor, these Lexibook Tablets are pretty sophisticated little units with a happy-making price tag.  The Lexibook Junior Tablet (pictured) runs about 150 bucks and  could easily make someone very, very happy this holiday season. Please visit lexibook.us for more information.

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