Jellyfish2 Color Lamp


There are sequels to movies, and if those sequels do particularly well, you know for sure that a prequel is in the works, or why not turn it into a trilogy? Well, you can say that the same somewhat applies to consumer electronics as well. There’s the Samsung Galaxy S, followed by its successor the S2 and now, the Galaxy S3 being Samsung’s flagship smartphone (phablets like the Galaxy Note 2 notwithstanding). What do you say to lamps for the home then? The $7.99 Jellyfish2 Color Lamp might be something worth looking into, where it comes in a slick and colorful form factor. With more than 16 million colors to choose from, you know for sure you have a truly unique experience each time it is turned on, and if you are one who loves change, then you can opt to have the Jellyfish2 Color Lamp cycle through all the colors instead of having a fixed color.

It does not matter whether this lamp is glowing in Chili Pepper, Blue Iris, Mimosa, or Turquoise amongst the other millions of colors, it will definitely be able to do its job in exuding a certain kind of glow which is not only charming but strangely comforting as well. The electronic glowing jellyfish lamp will plug into any standard US 110v outlet, so make sure you have an adapter if you do not happen to live in the US and yet want one of these puppies.

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ajax Says: October 9, 2012 at 8:47 am

$79.99…otherwise I was hittin’ buy.

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