Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker good to go

Have you heard of Outdoor Technology before? No? Well, neither have we, but perhaps for folks like me who live like a frog beneath a coconut shell (that’s a proverb from one South East Asian country, meaning a person who does not know what’s going on around), it is time to read up more about Outdoor Technology. They are the ones behind cutting-edge, stylish accessories such as the retro inspired DJ Slims wireless headphones, and they are certainly not a company who loves resting on their laurels. No sir, they have started to kick off full production of the new Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker after achieving their funding goal on Kickstarter.
From the outside, the Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker certainly lives up to its namesake, coming in an edgy style as well as capable of delivering Hi-Fi sound regardless of where you are, being the ideal portable, fully-equipped Bluetooth speaker. Since it is highly portable, what is the point of making it fragile? Good thing Outdoor Technologies did otherwise, coming up with a uniquely rugged design that has been shaped after a turtle shell (something Shredder might want to destroy in a fit of rage), boasting an array of color offerings that allows one to express one’s style.
The Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker sports easy-to-use integrated controls that allow you to enjoy quick access to control tracks, volume and calls directly with a simple touch of a button. It was designed in order to fit your active lifestyle, where there are also accessories which are sold separately, conforming to its IP5X dust and waterproof standard. Your ears will be treated to crisp deep bass and hi-fi sound, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is capable of lasting up to 10 hours. Not only that, Outdoor Technologies also threw in a built-in microphone so that it ends up as a decent looking speakerphone, making the $149.95 asking price a rather decent one. Of course, if you were a contributor on Kickstarter earlier on, you would have “purchased” this at a far lower price.
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