Presta – for When You Want it Now!

I remember my first apartment, it had orange tweed carpeting, but it was lovingly furnished with rental furniture, and I found it to be a whole lot nicer than my moms old couch, or having the common “mattress on the floor” scenario found in many first apartments. Yes I paid more for it, but the place looked good in spite of the orange carpet, and they came to get the furniture when I was done with it…
So rent-to-own simply works sometimes, when you’re starting out, or your credit is not what you’d like it to be, and let’s face it, there’s no better time for it’s revival than during this time completely filled with gadget temptations. Welcome Presta, a new service that lets you get the products you want, with affordable payments and no long term commitments.
Unlike using credit, Presta doesn’t charge interest, instead, you pay a rental payment while you use the product. Simply keep it as long as you like, and after a year it’s yours, or return it after 3 months and they’ll even pay for the shipping to send it back. Computers, iPads, coffee makers or jewelry… if you’ve been coveting these items, now may be the time.
Yes, it is more expensive than paying cash, or throwing it on your credit card. For example that iPad 2 you’ve had  your eye on carries 17 dollar a week payments, which means when you own it at the end of 12 months  it will have cost you right around 900 bucks, eeks! but is that better than not having one at all? Check out, and I’ll let  you decide.