Fridge Locker makes sure your food stash remains safe


I don’t know about you, but there are bound to be people out there who think that a zombie apocalypse is imminent and could happen anytime, leading them to figure out ways and means to kill zombies in the most efficient manner while stocking up on all the essentials in a safe room. Not only that, your foodstuff would be best to come in a can, and just to make sure no one gets to your stash (zombies won’t unless there are brains inside, it would be the pesky humans who are alive that would want to have a share of your canned bacon), whether it is in a storeroom or in a fridge, this is where the £19.99 Fridge Locker would come in handy.

This clever cage solution would definitely cut down the rates of food theft in the communal fridge, where all of your favorite snacks and edibles can be kept under lock and key. Sporting a solid plastic locker form factor, it has a combination lock and a size that would make most coolers more than pleased to host it. Since it has grills, it remains well ventilated and will not be able to trap any noxious odors within.

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