Behringer introduces iNuke Boom Junior dock


When it comes to audio devices, surely many of us have heard of Behringer (pardon the pun) before, and this time around they have introduced a spiritual successor to the world’s largest and loudest dock to date, the 10,000-Watt iNuke Boom – in the form of the iNuke Boom Junior . The thing that we just had to ask is this, how “Junior” is it compared to its predecessor? Well, the iNuke Boom Junior is actually a 1:23 scale model of its powerful “senior”, but Behringer has not compromised on its hardware specifications either, where it will come packed with professional grade components in a special 3-way active speaker design. I guess with the right amount of money in your wallet, just about anyone is able to sit back or rock out while enjoying concert quality sound in the comfort of their own home, listening to thumping lows, sizzling highs and crystal-clear sound regardless of the level.

Costa Lakoumentas, Behringer Senior Vice President of Marketing, said, “We wanted to shake up the whole i-device docking world with a product that brings home some of the magic of the original 10,000-Watt iNuke BOOM. If you make a little room for the iNuke BOOM Junior in your home it will pay you back with stunning sound clarity and enough bass to throw a party; or get thrown out of your apartment.”

Right now, you need not have a single penny and you can still own the iNuke Boom Junior, simply through selecting “Like” Behringer on Facebook and you are in the running to be one of the randomly chosen winners. There will be an iNuke Boom Junior giveaway for each weekday in October, so why not give it a go? Alternatively, folks who prefer to have their very own destiny in their hands can always pick up the iNuke Boom Junior for $179.99 a pop.

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