Adjustable Temperature Hot or Cold Therapy Wrap


There are moments in our lives when we just want to kick our feet back and close our eyes, hoping that the day’s troubles will just melt away. Well, you can always go for a nice hot bath followed by a massage, or when your muscles feel so tense, wrap them up in a heated blanket. Why stop there when you have a device which not only offers a hot wrap, but a cold one as well? This is where the $249.95 Adjustable Temperature Hot or Cold Therapy Wrap comes in handy, where the alternating hot or cold therapy system will allow you to choose your preferred temperature. Once done, you are able to maintain it for the duration of the treatment session.

It will be very different from the bulky gel-filled wraps which are unable to be heated or cooled with precision, where those tend to also deviate from their starting temperature quickly. The Adjustable Temperature Hot or Cold Therapy Wrap does things differently, continuously circulating warm or cold water thanks to a compression wrap which is sold separately so that it can deliver consistent, targeted relief. It is perfect for soothing chronic conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis, while offering speedy recovery from injuries or surgery.

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