Zooka wireless speaker arrives at Target Stores


Do you think that it is truly possible to live out a wireless and paperless lifestyle? I think that a paperless environment is not really that possible, as there is always a paper trail that is far better to keep records, but for wireless connectivity? It really does make sense though. After all, I am quite sure that a whole lot of us have already encountered tangled cables and wires with the myriad of our devices and gadgets, that the wireless charging feature found in the new Nokia Lumia 920 is definitely a plus point. Not only that, no longer do you need to run LAN cables throughout your home just to take advantage of the Internet connection from your router, right? Well, I guess the same can also be said of wireless speakers, and Zooka has just announced their wireless speaker’s availability over at Target Stores around the US.

Carbon Audio is the company behind the Zooka wireless speaker, where their fashion forward Bluetooth audio accessory will be able to hook up to your favorite tablet, notebook, ultrabook or smartphone – as long as those devices themselves come with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, of course. After all, since Christmas is creeping up on us slowly but surely, it makes perfect sense to have a wireless speaker like the Zooka make your list.

Carbon Audio mentioned, “That’s one reason we are so excited for the Zooka to be available in Target stores. Target’s unique ability to introduce high design to mass markets is perfectly aligned with our design principles and philosophies.”

The brilliantly designed Zooka is no shy piece of device, even though it might look like it. Packing quite a powerful, high quality audio experience, it has been specially integrated into form factor that is sleek and sexy. Connecting to other Bluetooth-enabled devices are a snap, and it will definitely be able to turn and transform your Apple or Android devices into a big sound audio system, letting you enjoy games, listen to music, and watch movies up to five times louder. All you need to do is slide the Zooka onto the edge of your device, or you can just pair it in order to enjoy big audio, full, rich sound which is touted to light up a room from as far as 30 feet away.

Apart from that, $99 Zooka also comes with a built in microphone, allowing you to pair it with your phone for hands-free conversations.

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