Toys R Us – Takes a Share of the Movie Market


I really enjoy the possibility that digital entertainment services may slowly but surely be reducing our need to rely on cable television. Every time I get my cable bill I cant believe how much I’m paying just to watch TV, and yet every month I write the check. Over the past year we have managed to lower the bill by dropping some premium channels in favor or services like Netflix, but that too carries a price, in the form of a subscription fee. I prefer a “pay for what I watch” option.
Well, Toys R Us is throwing their hat in the ring of digital entertainment options with their recently announced Toys R Us Movies, providing families instant access to over 4000 movies and TV shows that kids love. This new service provides an extensive library of premium digital content for both streaming and download and since the service is equipped with specialized parental controls, we get to choose the most appropriate content for our families viewing.
Starting this week, users will be able to stream content to any PC, Mac, and any Adobe Flash enabled devices and rest assured that the service will be made available to additional web-enabled devices in the coming months. Toys R Us also plans to expand to Blue Ray players and tablets, and to offer HD services in the near future. Watch for the dedicated iOS and android releases later this fall.
Movies will start at $2.99 for a 24-hour rental and $5.99 for a digital download. Family TV options ¬†start at around $0.99, at and keep on the lookout for the new ¬†Toys”R”Us Movie gift cards which will be available later this fall in Toys”R”Us retail stores, just in time for the holidays.