Forget Your Keys!


The evolution of the smartphone as more than a phone is underway. They are slowly taking over tasks in our daily lives. Think about it. Things like music players, portable DVD players, cameras, GPS, flashlights, calculators and dictation devices go by the wayside. NFC and Passbook technologies mean no more need to carry a wallet. Next will be, yep, your keys.

Funds have been raised and production is moving forward for Lockitron by Apigy. Expected in March 2013, the wi-fi enabled Lockitron fits under and on top of your dead bolt. Add the app to your smartphone and from there the possibilities are numerous. First, lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world via the app. So if the kids forget their keys while you are at work, no problem. Have an overnight guest arrive while you are out? You and Lockitron can let them in. And if you don’t have a smartphone a simple text to the device can unlock the door. From a security standpoint, the builti-in lock sensor alerts you via message when the door is opened – whether by key or phone. And Lockitron, via Bluetooth can even serve as a wireless entry system, unlocking the door as your phone is in range.  If that is not enough, NFC phones can even be waved over the door to unlock. Lockitron pros are obvious.

On the con side, Lockitron works on 4 AA batteries which give a year of life. Alerts will let you know when batteries are running low. But I shudder to think what happens if they go dead and you don’t have a key. Or if the phone loses power. Yikes. And what if you lose your phone? You can remotely (via web) disable the Lockitron so the phone thief has no access. The positives far outweigh any negatives. Pre-orders are being taken for March 2013 shipping. And at $149, Lockitron seems a pretty logical choice for convenience and peace of mind.

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Philip Hudgnes Says: October 8, 2012 at 1:21 am

I definitely agree with the cons this devices comes with, it still doesn’t have enough security to compete with the real physical locks, what I think can convince me is a thorough review of the Lockitron, I still have many questions in my mind. Not that I am over reacting but security comes first for me. With a little tweaks and revision, or even public reviews about this gadget, I am sure this will be the future of locks and the convenience of locking your house remotely rocks.

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