PhoneSuit announces Android-powered Lightplay projector

So you think that the market for a portable mini projector is dead? Well, I myself did see it to be that way at some point in time, but perhaps I might be persuaded otherwise this time around with the announcement of the Lightplay projector from PhoneSuit. This is no ordinary pico projector, simply for the fact that it runs off the Android operating system from Google, something that you would normally see in smartphones, tablets and now, the digital camera (thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Camera, of course). Well, the Lightplay Android-powered projector would certainly be one of the very first in such a market, and if it actually takes off in a big way, we could be looking at a new niche market.
Of course, being an Android-powered device, the Lightplay will definitely be able to hook up to the Google Play marketplace, giving you access to thousands upon thousands of software, apps, games, and content. Expect to enjoy hugely popular apps such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Netflix, and Facebook amongst others on the Lightplay itself. Of course, it will need some kind of hardware underneath the hood to make sure that your projecting Android experience will be a smooth one, and thankfully, the Lightplay comes with a 1GHz processor, where it is accompanied 8GB of internal memory, a Wi-Fi connection, a rechargeable battery, and a slew of accessories.
Being small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand, most pockets or bags, the Lightplay’s optical engine is capable of projecting a high resolution display of up to 80-inches across diagonally onto most surfaces. Apart from that, remember how we talked about the included accessories? The Lightplay comes with a wireless keyboard and motion controller with 3 axis gyroscope technology so that you can make use of natural hand swipes and movement in order to match the touch interface that you have come to know and love on the Android platform.
The Lightplay can be pre-ordered now for $499 a pop, where shipping will commence from November 1st onwards.

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    • It will get apps for itself, since it runs on Android 🙂 Imagine this to be the iPod touch with a built-in projector that runs on iOS 6

  1. Agree, Something that we would normally see in smartphones, tablets and now, the digital camera. Well, the Light play Android-powered projector would definitely be one of the very initial in such a market, and if it basically takes off in a huge way, we could be searching at a new niche market.

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