A Football Fan Like No Other

The NFL season is underway! It is great to see the players duking it out.  Die hard fans are showing their colors with the latest gear and gadgets sporting their team’s logo. With hats, jerseys, jackets and more fans express their true personalities. But why not take it to the next level and decorate your home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the addition to show your spirit.
Welcome to the Giant Inflatable Crouching NFL Player! At 5 feet high he shows your team loyalty but does not take over the front yard. Available in 21 different team versions, each has the team logo on the helmet and trim colors on the jersey. This defender is ready to attack the quarterback and will certainly show your neighbors who you support. To inflate simply set him on the ground before turning on the built in electrical pump. Voila, he is ready in minutes. And deflation is just as easy. Four stakes are included to keep him “grounded” so to speak. The durable polyester construction is weather resistant so you know the $139.95 investment will keep for many seasons. When the game is over your friend can live in the 10” x 10” x 8” storage box included. And if you prefer a more celebratory look, check out the Giant Inflatable Standing NFL Player for the same price. So commit to the ultimate in showing your team pride and add an (inflatable) fan to the house.