Crunch Your Cord


Earbuds, beloved earbuds. Those that know me know that I stink at keeping earbuds untangled. So I’m always on the lookout for more creative ways to store them. Most gadgets I run into involve winding them up. But a company called Moxytronix decided that protecting them while in use or not is the way to go. They created, CordCruncher, a set of earbuds with a storage device built in. It keeps them organized and protected.

CordCruncher consists of earbuds encased in an elastic sleeve about 16 inches long. When ready to use simply hold the sleeve at one end and gently pull the earbuds out from the other. They expand up to 3.5 feet – ample length. Plug in to any standard audio jack and you are tuning in. When ready to rehouse the buds hold each end of the sleeve and pull back towards the jack.  The cords return to their home where they can be easily wound up to put in your pocket or bag. Yet you will be tangle free next time you need to hear tunes. CordCruncher is available in red, blue or black for $24.95 at Sure that is more expensive than an decent pair of earbuds, but the damage you avoid by having protective casing should – at least in my case – extend the life of the buds. So avoid the tangles in your future with CordCruncher.

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