Doctor Who Cybernetics Science Set


Animals learn by playing, and so too, do us adults, especially back in the days when we were just wee kids. Don’t you think that you learned a whole lot during your play time? Well, here is one way to figure out whether your little one has a penchant for electronics and science when he or she grows up – with the $39.99 Doctor Who Cybernetics Science Set in tow.

With the Doctor Who Cybernetics Science Set, this DIY Cyberman will require one to connect the circuits in order to perform the relevant upgrades which will range from infrared capability to object awareness and light sensitivity. Fret not if your little one is unable to figure things out for him or herself, Thinkgeek has so kindly thrown in a detailed instruction manual for your perusal. Just make sure your wee lad is aged 14 and above, and just in case you were wondering why I referred to “your little one” above, this is because most parents think that their little ones are just that – they remain little all the time in parents’ eyes, don’t you think so? Best to have a couple of rechargeable AA batteries handy at all times too.

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